An instructor, performer, and a judge, Dr. Pu has instructed piano all levels for over twelve years, from three year old beginners to university students majoring in music. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Catholic University of America and has performed in the U.S., Italy, and China, to include venues like Carnegie Hall Weill Hall, The Mansion at Strathmore, Department of Justice, several embassies in D.C, and other local venues. Dr. Pu is also a member of Music Teachers National Association.


My role as a teacher is to encourage and inspire my students. I work with them to build a solid foundation in reading music and developing technique. This training involves building sensible ears that recognize tones, gaining knowledge of music theory and literature, and enjoying music. In younger students, this study also improves self-control and self-motivation.


  • Students will receive detailed semester reports.
  • There are semi-annual recitals at local venues. Participation is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.


  • Fall semester starts on the 2nd week of August, and ends on the 2nd week of December.
  • Spring semester starts on the 1st week of January, and ends on the 3rd week of May.
  • Summer session starts on the 1st week of June, and ends on the last week of July.

*Time subjected to change if meets federal holidays. Summer session is more flexible depends on people’s vacation schedule.


  • Cancellation made an hour prior the lesson by phone will NOT be charged a fee
  • Cancellation made an hour within the lesson will be charged $20 absence fee
  • No make-up lessons are offered unless due to teacher’s schedule or severe weather


  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. However, students are not required to practice 7 days/week if schedule does not permit
  • Students are given detailed instructions on practice methods and exact lengths/days for each week. Please follow the instructions and PRACTICE.
  • Students who do not practice and fail to grow at certain time range will be exempt from the studio.


Invoice are sent on the end of the month. Payment is due before the first lesson on the following month.

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